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A Bin a Day Keeps the Clutter Away

Welcome back to Resolute Organizing Blog! Today we are here to remind you why you may want a Professional Organizer.

On a daily basis you take care of your teeth and your health. Some days are better than others, and some months are better than others. Some people have a better natural starting point thanks to genetics or nurtured habits. Many people are great about their regular exams and that helps them keep or get back on track. Many people eventually may need a little bit more help — and they go ask for help from a dentist or doctor.

The same is true for organizing. Some days and months are better than others and some people are naturally or habitually more organized. When you realize you are not as organized as you want to be you can ask for help.

Honestly that is my favorite part of organizing in the Marie Kondo and Home Edit days - people have started to realize that they don't have to live in their current state of mess or chaos.

Working with an organizer gets you two things:



The best part of hiring an organizer is the accountability. Whether the organizer does the bulk of the work themselves or you work directly alongside, the work is getting done. Having a reliable guide working with you through the processes not only helps the particular task get completed, it helps get the mindset for the next area.

While some people technically know how to organize, there are easy excuses to find to pause on an organizing project or simply choose not to in the first place. Working with an organizer keeps you on track and motivated. Projects big or small can be more enjoyable with a companion.

There is no need to be embarrassed by having someone come look at your organizational challenges - just like a doctor or dentist - we are here to help and we have honestly always seen worse!

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