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Fresh Perspective

One of my FAVORITE parts of being a professional organizer is guiding clients to see their homes in a new way.

Every space in a house has so much opportunity to add fresh value, enhance the owners livelihood and provide new functions.

From a linen closet to a garage, I encourage you to think outside the box with what purpose each space can hold. Dream big.

A house may be small or large. It may have a lot of storage space or require extra creativity. It may have extra bedrooms or double up kids in a room.

While a simple rearrangement of furniture can absolutely spark a fresh feeling for a room, I am challenging you to think more about the purpose of the space.

None of this needs to involve spending money either. Oftentimes furniture can be arranged differently to fit your new needs or repurposed. I have used my IKEA Kallax Shelves a million ways.

Sticking with just my house, which we have been in for almost 10 years, here is how we have repurposed rooms as we have grown our family and changed how our life works.

Turned half a garage into a home gym.

Enhanced our dining room to also be used as a game room, then also a school room.


One room in our basement has gone from a kitchen, to adding a toddler playroom then transforming that to a STEAM interactive area.


The basement back room was a bedroom, then a craft room, then became a playroom and now converts to a guest room.


One bedroom was a laundry area, then evolved to a nursery, then library, we later added a guest bed and now it is a double home office.


The other bedroom was a guest room, then nursery and now the boys share a room.



I absolutely love turning spaces into better uses. I embrace the fact that things change.

I have had the opportunity to see how people have made successful evolutions of purpose to many rooms in their homes.

Dining room can also be converted into a playroom or bar area or swapped with the tv room.

Unused bedroom can be an office, craft room, meditation area, or playroom.

Basement can be a writing retreat, home gym, second kitchen, and a laundry oasis - or maybe all of the above!

Whether you are committed to staying in your house forever or for a couple more years, really take time to think about your home as blank slate with your current life style, wants and needs.

A little bit of vision and some creativity goes a long way to how you feel about your home.

What areas of your home can you reimagine?

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