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Gifting for Children

A lot of people subscribe to the four gifts for children - something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need.

That is a great starting place, even if you are like me and don’t limit it to four things! Pull out your gift list and see if any of these ideas help you fill that out for the children in your life.

Something to Wear

• Slippers

• Robe

• Coat

• Scarves

• Gloves

• Boots

• Rain boots

• Apron

• Sport jersey

Something to Read

• Box sets

• Magazine subscriptions

• Pop up books

• “Coffee table” books in their interests

• Activity books

Something they Want

• Video Games

• Movies

• Legos

• Cars & Trucks

• Toys from favorite show

• Electronics

• Dolls

• Board Games

Something they Need

• Sports equipment

• Suitcase

• Outdoor gear

• Educational activities

• Umbrella

• Arts & Crafts

And please please please get started shopping now! Thanksgiving is basically here and there are great deals on pretty much any retailer (online or local) already going on. Better to get the right gift early than the wrong gift last minute.

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