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How to Store 400 DVDs in 1 Cubic Foot

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

We are a big movie household. We have always had a large DVD collection. Once we started going to digital, we moved the majority of them downstairs with the DVD cabinet. We still had a (growing) set upstairs for kids movies that did not have digital versions.

Part of our rationale in keeping so many DVDs, even with the digital copies and all the content online, is you never know when the internet will fail so you need the hard copy and we also go visit the mountains a lot and prefer to bring our movies to watch.

When we added a second shelf to the basement for food kitchen storage, we removed the DVD cabinet. We realized we simply were not using the DVDs very often and the storage space is preciously limited. We put them in a box until I committed to what we wanted to do.

I had seen several suggestions around removing the discs from the cases (including my Grandma who did a great job organizing hers!) and finally committed.

We opted for two 128 disc cases (here!) after roughly counting out the cases. The compact size was important since they would be used for traveling in state.

Turns out almost all of them are 2 discs! We did decide to keep both since when we go vacation half the places still have DVD players only. That did mean ordering a third case (thank you two days at Amazon!).

One holds all the ”kid” movies, one for the action/series movies (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), and one is everything else.

This was full of kids movies before!

We have been buying less movies in hard copy (hello COVID) so I am curious if we buy many more... We have some space in each case but that would dealphbetize everything since I would likely just add it to the end.

I am very pleased with the final results! If you have been considering doing something like this, I highly recommend it.

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