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Kitchen with Flow

I had the privilege to organize the kitchen of a mom to be and will be sharing the before and after today!

This client already had a good sense of the right things to keep and needed just a nudge of help to think strategically on how to best use the space she had. Additionally, with a baby on the way she wanted to have space already dedicated to baby bottle storage and prep.

Primary goal: Clearer counters, balanced with easy access to the essentials. They use fruits and vegetables often in their cooking and also enjoy baking.

I identified a need for improved flow - reducing the movements for one activity. For example, if you are cooking you want pots and pans, spices and oven mitts all within easy reach. This is not always an option in a kitchen but we strive to make each process as streamlined as possible.

We were able to create the following areas to maximize flow - this means the right things are together in the right space, limiting the need to run around the kitchen.

  • Baby items near the sink and drying area

  • Baking area with mixing bowls, kitchen aid and baking supplies

  • Food preparation area - Go from fridge where food is stored, next to where the cutting board and knives are stored and the cabinet with the spices are, then next to the stove where you cook

  • Tupperware is on the counter closest to the dining table, making food leftover storage most accessible

  • Coffee and tea bar putting all the drinks together nearest the rest of house where coffee and tea are enjoyed

Starting with the left most cabinet, here is what we were able to accomplish:

  • Made space for baby items

  • Left only items that are used in this area (as you will see we relocated the coffee items)

Cabinet to the right of the sink

  • Designated the left side as the "consuming" side of the kitchen

  • Moved dishes that were on the right side

  • Easier access to put away dishes and grab all utensils for eating in one area

Cabinet below

  • Relocated some rarely used items to the basement that has plenty of storage

  • Easier access to essential items, namely for baking

Top half: Before; Bottom half: After

On to the right side of the kitchen

Cabinet next to the fridge

  • Bin to corral spices that are used less regularly

  • Bin for towels since we converted a drawer for more pan storage

Above the stove area

  • Relocated the baking items and created easy access to the items most used during cooking

  • Wine glasses that were rarely used were moved to a less essential area

  • The oils were moved to the cabinet instead of the shelf for a cleaner look without losing accessibility

Coffee Bar

  • Moved coffee station to right side to enable drying station for baby bottles

  • Display adorable mugs

  • Bin for teas freed up space and reduced clutter in the pantry

One more stop before the final after photos - the pantry! This is a built in cabinet in the kitchen across an entrance way to the right of the new coffee bar.

  • Relocate alcohol and relocate water bottles to top of plates cabinet

  • Remove packaging where possible

  • Use clear storage containers to quickly identify inventory levels

  • Keep like items together

Final After photos!

I had a great time thinking through and executing on the improvements to the kitchen. I am so impressed at all the adorable details and splashes of teal and feel we were able to show them off better. After a couple tries the husband knows where to find everything and they are now counting down the days to their new addition to the family.

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