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Light Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Have you been noticing all of the little things that you just want to fix in your house?

I have been fortunate to have a husband who has put up with my many needs this COVID season - including making some improvements to our house (and encouraging me to start a business of my own!).

One project was our kitchen, where we spend a significant amount of our time. There were two "major" (read - "minor" to most people) issues 1) the paint along where the ceiling meets the walls was no longer matching the rest of the ceiling and looked terrible and 2) we were up to three cabinets the no longer stayed closed due to broken hinges.

While I would LOVE to redo the whole kitchen, that is not in the budget, so we spent a couple hundred dollars to make it livable for a couple more years until we do have the budget.

We made a couple changes:

1) Painted the cabinets and replaced their hinges with soft close hinges

2) Painted the kitchen walls

3) Replaced outlets covers with white

4) Added some organization!

I am thrilled! We wrapped up painting in November and it has been already made Winter season much brighter. We used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Tate Green and it really adds a fun but reasonable color and enhanced the look of our countertops a lot. The process was a little longer than I originally accounted for (mostly the time to do both sides) but the paint pyramids (link here) made a huge difference and I would recommend them!

We ordered the soft close hinges and white outlet covers and switch pieces from Amazon.

We do not have a ton of drawers and use our kitchen island for a lot of kitchen tool storage. Items were constantly moving around and to the back. I did a practice layout using Jenga blocks to see how I wanted to space everything out. Then I bought some 36" x 1.5" by 0.5" wood, measured and glued them in. Everything is together and in the right space. Organizer bliss!

Under the kitchen sink I added in the organizer drawers on left to give two layers for storage (link or link). I used an Ikea skubb box (my fave!) and found that flattening and rolling grocery bags is a huge space saver! It is similar to the Marie Kondo for folding clothes. I will consider venturing to video for it...

Finally, those who follow me on Instagram have seen these but I LOVE these mDesign water bottle holders (link). The first set are in the top awkward corner cabinet and are a great use of space. The second set are in the lower cabinet for the boys. We transitioned away from kids water bottles and sippy cups this last year so we have a lot of full size water bottles and they were constantly knocking over.

Hope you had a little nudge of inspiration or ideas for your kitchen today! A little improvement can go a long way.

(Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.)

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