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Making a Home - Part 1

Today I have the great opportunity to present a Before and After from one of my clients!

The transformation of the space was impressive but more amazing is the new feeling he gets when he comes home.

During the initial consultation, the client was able to realize his space was not meeting his needs and priorities. His primary hobby is exercise and his workout gear was consistently increasing and ending up in odd corners of his house.

Goal #1: Repurpose rooms to get the right things in the right place

I suggested switching the layout so the less used the couches and tv would relocate to the second bedroom. Then the fitness equipment could all be together as a quality home gym in the larger front room.


As you can see from second before photo above, the kitchen was not being well utilized and there was essentially no counter space.

Goal #2: Fully declutter and organize the kitchen

That was going to involve some planning, decluttering and organizing for sure. This was a huge piece of my in person time - so I prioritized that in my working session. See Part 2 for that!

The traditional chaos suspects of closets came up next.

Goal #3: Better utilize closets

With any space, the purpose needs to be clear. This makes it easier to find things - saving you time and stress.

For the bedroom the intention was to generally keep only clothes and get rid of the clutter.

I provided some guidance on clothes sorting, but otherwise this was homework after I left. He did a great job keeping the right things and putting them in the right place!

Before & After

The hallway closet involved categorizing like with like! He put the shoes in the bedroom closet and took all the games from the house and put those together.

My favorite closet organization upgrade was the linen closet and was completed entirely as homework after I made some suggestions. Once the organizing bug hits you it’s hard to shake!

Before & After

This was a great weekend of organizing - four hours of my time to get the main pieces in order and demonstration of the process. The follow through and execution after I left are so impressive!

Two weeks later my client is still singing the praises of getting organized for how he feels about his home and himself - and that is why I love organizing!

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