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Review of Outer Order, Inner Calm


Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, creates an approachable guide to organizing rooted in your own happiness.

Favorite Part

While I enjoyed a lot of tidbits throughout the book, my clear favorite was the "Bowl of Requirement"

The bowl of requirement is a single place - a bowl - to put your essentials when you are traveling - much like a drop zone at your house. A bowl helps make sure nothing rolls away (think lip balm).

It is such a universal application and gets to the heart of "the right place" being where you can easily and consistently access it.

I only hope to be clever enough to come up with my own crossover of nerdiness and organizing some day.


For General Reader: A great way to get digestible suggestions for decluttering and organizing. You can pick it up, read a couple pieces of advice and then implement any of them as you feel they resonate with you at that time. Its easy to come back to and very approachable and lighthearted.

For Organizers: It felt very scattered for being a book about organizing! It has very loose chapters and then goes from one concept to the next without a significant amount of flow. However, I really enjoyed the content and I definitely got some new ideas.

Overall I would recommend it to those wanting to be introduced to organizing concepts and start building their thoughts around organizing.

Last thought: This was my first Gretchen Rubin book, and I would definitely check out more of her work.

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