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The Original Netflix Organizing Show

Continuing on with Marie Kondo Week!

Before there was The Home Edit on Netflix, there was Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

The show aired at the beginning of 2019, and really introduced me to the world of professional organizing.

I think the episode titles capture the breadth of how organizing can impact so many people -

- Tidying With Toddlers

- Empty Nesters

- The Downsizers

- Sparking Joy After a Loss

- From Students to Improvements

- Breaking Free from a Mountain of Stuff

- Making Room for Baby

- When Two (Messes) Become One

Every episode demonstrates parts of the KonMari method but almost more importantly reveals the results of the miraculous transformation. Whole families enjoy their lives more, feel more at peace and everyone is more connected to those they love because they don't have this literal stuff in the way.

Marie Kondo is always polite and helpful, giving inspiration and encouragement. At one point she says "I love mess." and you genuinely believe her sense of excitement to take on the new challenge. You can see Marie Kondo's fulfillment from helping spread the joy of tidying to others.

If you want inspiration in general or around your organizing mindset, I highly recommend checking out any episodes that resonate with your current life or interests.

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