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New Gift List Tool

Time to make a list and check it twice! In the Twelve Weeks of Holiday Organizing Guide you started to brainstorm who you are shopping for this holiday season. The gift list is where you track the people you need to shop for, layer in a budget and track purchases. Today I am going to introduce to a great organization tool to help you - Trello.

I just recently started using Trello for gift tracking. I always have my gift list in mind for the main people in my family. If some random idea is mentioned, I put it on the list. The other night Vander was talking about mini apple pies, so I added mini pie tins to Dylan and Vander’s lists.

Trello is an application online and on your phone that allows you to create and organize lists. It syncs immediately across all platforms.

How does it work?

You start with a Board. My Boards are "Gifts" "House" and "Resolute Organizing"

Once you are on a Board, you add a List. In my Gifts board, I have a list for each person

Within each List, you add a Card. After clicking "+ Add Card" you type the name and the card is created. Then you can click the new card and add any details.

You can manage as much as you want on the card. Labels (you choose a color and add a label - I am using this to flag Christmas gifts), Reminders, Checklists, and places to add other details like budgeted amount or color.

You can also create a Card directly from websites when you use the phone app.

It has been a great tool so far. I use it for Resolute Organizing to-do lists and content ideas. I am tracking our various house projects as well.

Have you used Trello before? Do you think it would be helpful?

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