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Find Your Why

Do you know why you get out of bed in the morning? Not “because the alarm went off” but the actual reason and drive for your life?

I know that sounds like a big question. The reality is that most people can’t name their “why.”

My why is to live my most creative, joyous and fulfilled life. Right now that means helping others appreciate the benefits of an organized home so they have the time and clarity to find their own version of a creative, joyous and fulfilled life. I have loved every minute of building my own business around something I am so passionate about.

I want to inspire you to find your why. I also know that you may be telling yourself “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know how” or even “why does that matter?”

Many people are not able to understand their ability to choose their purpose because they simply have too much blocking their way.

You know your time and money are limited resources. You know your physical space is finite.

I am here to help remove those roadblocks by building your organizing mindset. Having control, comfort and confidence in your surroundings is the foundation to enabling you to answer the “why” questions.

Start by noticing the moments of contentment or dissatisfaction.

Ask yourself "Why?" Those moments occur and why is that your reaction?

When you get that inkling for more calm in your life - consider what your ideal Sunday morning feels like?

When you get a notion that you are not quite able to be at ease - do you avoid some space in your house because of how it makes you feel?

As we work together to build your organizing mindset, I encourage you to think about the little moments that bring you happiness and how those can build a larger vision for what your life can be. I will keep putting questions out there and let’s see what starts to resonate with you.

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