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What My Customers Think

Rachel created a room by room plan for me and then implemented it with bins and systems that make my everyday life easier. As silly as it sounds: opening my kitchen pantry with space between items and containers organized in set places actually makes me smile. I've never been tidy or a neat freak, but I truly appreciate the peace this change in my house has brought me. Thank you!

Brittany S.

Rachel has helped me tremendously. I moved back into my town home three years ago after getting divorced and it never felt like home. After a great 1:1 session where Rachel taught me how to organize and several homework assignments, I finally feel like I have a home again.

Tim G.

Rachel was very thorough and used an appropriate amount of time to walk through each room and took detailed notes to put a game plan together for me. Rachel was very professional, even when she saw my horribly disorganized bedroom! There was no hint of judgement, just a desire to help! Using Rachel’s notes, my house is starting to look great and my bedroom has now become an oasis!

Kelly G.

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