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Holiday Prioritization

For those on the Twelve Weeks of Holiday Organization this is the topic for next week, but I felt we needed a little extra time given how the year has gone!

First, look back at the full list of what you wanted to do this holiday season. If you got through it all, great job! If you have more things left than you wanted, pick one or two that are most important to you or your family. It is not worth trying to do it all and this year is a perfect reason to scale back a bit. This is why I appreciate looking at Christmas as a season instead of a day, so if something doesn’t happen perfectly one time, there was the whole month of general joy.

Here is a quick list to think about what you may still have left to do to have a successful and relaxing holiday season!


  • I would start steering away from online ordering and go in person or use curbside pickup.

  • Check your orders that you already placed and have not come in yet to make sure they are still expected to arrive in time.

  • Any last minute stocking stuffers?

  • Did you get gifts for teachers and others that help you function in life (house keepers, etc.)?

  • It is always good to have a couple bottles of wine or similar generic gift on hand in the event you get an unexpected gift.

DIY Projects

Are you on track? Do you need to buckle down to get it done? Or should you scale back?


Start getting together any essentials for meals you are planning. Make your grocery list - segment by non-perishable and perishable so you know what you can get now.


I think everyone's wish list was impacted by 2020 situations! Prioritize the one or two and mostly get creative. We did a neighborhood Christmas Light walk instead of going to Zoo Lights. The kids still got to "ohh" and "Ahh" and got some energy out. Plus it was free!

I also coordinated a "Holiday Connections" calendar with activities, Facebook Group and a couple Zoom meetings for my extended family to get to see each other and interact remotely.

Self Care

Please prioritize yourself! Self Care suggestions from the calendar:

  • Yoga or stretching

  • Extra beauty routine

  • Pajama day

  • Call a friend to catch up

  • Affirmations

  • Go get a coffee or tea

  • List 5 things you love in general and about yourself

Enjoy the last weeks of the holiday season and stay safe!

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