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Making A Home - Part 2

Today I am continuing the Before and After from one of my clients!

To see the full house (part 1) click here.

The room that called for an organizers touch the most was the kitchen.


✔️Find counter space

✔️Categorize drawers and cabinets

✔️Make small appliances more accessible


Step 1: Remove everything and wipe everything down

This is really important for kitchens because there are so many crumbs and things that get stuck in the little corners of cabinets and drawers.

Removing everything gives you the ability to see what space you actually have.

Step 2: Remove unnecessary items

This step is one part decluttering and one part putting the right things in the right place.

For all items you need to ask:

Is it expired?

Have I used it in the last year?

Would I buy it today?

Does it belong in the kitchen?

This is for food, utensils, cups, spices, pots, small appliances, EVERYTHING.

Step 3: Put it Back in Order

Put Like with Like

Example - All the tupperware in one space!

Consider Accessibility

Can you get to things easily?

Example - Reach all the food without removing a bunch of other items to get what you need

Consider the flow

Put things near where you will use them.

Example - We moved the coffee machine and blender between the sink and the fridge where the ingredients are.


While we did all of that improvement without a single purchase, to give him a little more accessibility I recommended a cart for the additional frequently used small appliances. The cart makes things accessible, and they have a designated space so the counters stay clear when not in use.

In the end the client has a kitchen he has room to cook in and he now feels confident inviting others over.

I am so impressed at the before and after reveal! Asking for guidance is never easy, but the client made great progress on getting his home organized and building the right mindset to maintain it.

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