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Nautical Nursery

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

There are some people with babies on the brain in my life and I still loved my boys nurseries so I wanted to do a quick throw back to those.

We did a thorough nautical theme for Vander.

The traditional set up with a crib, rocking chair, changing table and dresser.

Plus we had my sister‘s old desk and hutch that worked great to hold the adorable gifts, books and decorative details.

We quickly opted to remove the closet doors for better access (and no pinched fingers!) to our Closetmaid wire shelf system we put in.

We used a kallax shelf (Expedit at the time!) from IKEA for our diaper and other baby storage as well as the changing table. It worked great to keep everything in place.

All the little details make nurseries so much fun!

A fun little throw back!

The room transitioned to the library two years ago and we are currently figuring out how to give office space to Dylan and myself in there now. Always in transition at my house!

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