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Three Reasons to Plan Your Holiday Season

Hopefully many of you are already three weeks into your Holiday planning if you have been following the Twelve Weeks of Holiday Organizing, but if not, there is no time like the present to get started! (I recently added a printable version with the calendars and planning pages only, to complement the full guide)

This year, the beloved 2020, it is even more important to start your planning as soon as possible.

ONE: Retailers have already started their holiday season.

Prime day way back in mid-October kicked off the Holiday shoppingseason. There are going to be constant sales for the next 52 days (that is right only 52 days until Christmas!). As someone whose day job is for a retailer, the saga to attract customers has already begun in earnest. All the kids catalogs have been sent out and my mom already did most of her shopping for the kids. By starting now you can still do some great bargain hunting but make sure you don't miss out.

If you really have your eye on something, I highly encourage you buy it now. Between the shipping delays (hello extreme weather and climate events!) and the possibility of changes in inventory (toilet paper may make a great gift this year!), just do it.

TWO: The early bird gets the worm

If you are the only one making plans, then you get to do exactly what you want! This year you want to open presents at your house Christmas morning and not go to your sibling's house? Then declare your plan. By being decisive and clear with your intentions, you are much more likely to get the Christmas you want.

THREE: It can reduce your stress

Imagine you have all your presents bought, your plans set for the month of December, and you can just enjoy the season! If a snow storm pops up the week of Christmas, you don't have to stress about driving in it. A new activity invitation comes along, you can attend with the relief that you aren't forgetting something else you should be doing. When you have the big and little pieces of the holidays ready to go, you can spread more joy to your friends, family and yourself!

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