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Why Resolute?

I am here to be your guide to an organized home - you need a guide that is resolute.

Once you recognize the need to get organized you need someone to hold you accountable.

Most people don’t know where to start or how to finish organizing there home.

Once I finally found the word I knew it was exactly what I want to be for you - keep you on track so we can give you more time and energy.


For those who are want to know how to find your business name, here are the steps I followed.

Step 1 - Word cloud

I did a brain dump of all the words I could think of starting with the word ”organize” and branched out from there.

Step 2 - Thesaurus

Online Thesaurus is the best! Literally was able to keep clicking through words to consider. I focused on the sounds of words I was going for and the connotation of them. I said them, I wrote them, tried them on for size.

I did have two versions of business names I sought feedback and neither was the right fit so I kept digging.

Step 3 - Final Touches

The third round I wanted to find the right balance between representing me and my vision.

One last thesaurus check to focus on R words, and I finally found my way to Resolute.

Resolute Organizing encompasses the Rachel Otley R O and I feel I have always been resolute once I put my mind to things!

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