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Tips for Organizing A Nursery

#throwbackthursday to the our space themed nursery.

I was pleased with our Nautical Nursery and excited to show it off, but I feel like I made improvements to my decorating skills on Marshall’s nursery.

I also want to walk through some nursery organizing tips.

Tip 1: Reuse

Babies are not cheap, so reuse and recycle what is possible.

My boys are 21 months apart, and since Vander was trying to crawl out of the crib, we switched him out of the crib at around 18 months. That made it easy to reuse the crib for Marshall. We also reused the glider for Marshall's room.

Both furniture pieces and the dresser were actually also used by my niece.

Tip #2: Multifunctional Layout

Regardless of the size of the room you will like spend a lot of time in the nursery.

Be sure to have a place to set things within easy reach of the glider for when you are feeding or reading.

You want to make sure you can get to the crib and changing table seamlessly - without tripping. This is one part layout and one part taking those couple seconds at the end of the night to put things back away.

Any multifunctional furniture is also recommended. We used the dresser as the changing table, a pretty common use these days. Some 3M strips held the changing pad in place.

Especially since Marshall was the second child, we made sure there were some toys for Vander to also play with when we spent time in this room.

Tip #3: Easy Reach

When you are changing a baby you want everything within easy reach.

We used a basket on top for wipes and creams. We kept a little wash cloth for covering parts so we didn't get peed on as well (boy moms know what I am talking about!).

All the diapers were stocked in the drawer right underneath the changing pad.

Don't forget to keep a spot for the diaper trash.

You can see the whole process is all within two or three square feet and allows you to be giving smiles to your little one the whole time.

We kept pajamas in the drawer below that for quick getting dressed at night.

To the right of the photo is the closet where I would pick and outfit before or after diaper changing.

Tip #4: Night Light for Parents

One of my favorite tips is to consider a night light for you. We had a tap on LED night light by my bed for night time feedings when the kids were in our room the first little bit. It was enough light to see by but not enough to prevent the Dad from sleeping.

We also had a similar level of lighting option in the nursery once they transitioned there. You need to be able to see but also want the baby to fall to sleep with it on and not be too startled when it turns off and on.

Hope that helps provide some ideas on nursery organization.

As always, feel free to reach out with any specific questions or if you have a mom in need you know where to send them!

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